Learn why eating too much salt can be dangerous

Many people have a habit of eating excess salt with food. In fact, as much as salt is necessary for health, it is also harmful. According to health experts, salt contains 40 percent sodium and 60 percent chloride.

As a result, the balance of water and minerals in the body is maintained. However, if the intake of excess salt or the amount of salt is high, its side effects (salt side effect) begin to appear in the body.

According to experts, eating excess salt can cause dangerous diseases like high blood pressure, stomach cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, premature death.

According to the World Health Organization, no more than 5 grams of salt should be consumed per day. On the other hand, the American Heart Association advises that adults should consume no more than one and a half grams of salt.

Let’s find out why eating too much salt can be dangerous

1. People who eat a lot of salt can suffer from dehydration. Excessive sodium intake results in excessive sweating, frequent urination. Even vomiting and diarrhea can occur. As a result, the problem of dehydration begins.

2. Eating too much salt is harmful for the heart. In this case, the blood pressure increases. Eating too much salt results in excess sodium in the bloodstream, which draws water out of our cells to dilute it. which is harmful to cells.

It affects brain cells the most. This results in thirst, nausea, vomiting and weakness. These are also signs of increased blood pressure.

3. Consuming too much salt also causes swelling in the body. This problem is called edema. In this case, the amount of sodium chloride increases and the body begins to swell.

4. Consuming too much salt can also cause muscle contractions, decreased nerve function and blood volume.

5. Osteoporosis can be caused by eating too much salt and consuming too much protein. In this case, the excretion of calcium in the urine increases.

As a result, serious diseases such as bone loss and osteoporosis occur. The bones become very weak. Therefore, it can be dangerous to consume more than 5 grams of salt in a day to keep the body healthy.

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