Forget that hair grows at an early age

Almost everyone’s hair turns white with age. This is a normal cause of premature graying of hair but can be quite dangerous.

Experts say that premature graying of hair is mainly due to wrong lifestyle and bad habits. But let’s find out the exact reasons for premature graying of hair-


Everyone suffers from stress to some extent. However, if you suffer from mental stress for a long time, various health problems such as insomnia, anxiety, change in appetite etc. occur.

And because of this, hair grows prematurely. Even the problem of hair loss increases with insomnia and stress. So do meditation regularly to avoid stress from now on.

Do not oil your hair

Even if you don’t use oil regularly, your hair starts to fall prematurely. Oil is very beneficial for hair health. Regularly heating the oil and massaging the scalp keeps the hair healthy.

Change the habit of not using hair oil now. Otherwise your hair will turn white prematurely.

excess sunlight

Long-term sun exposure and exposure to sunlight can also cause premature graying of hair.

In fact, if the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun fall directly on the hair, it becomes dry and the hair color turns gray.

Use an umbrella to protect hair from sunlight. If you want, you can regularly wear a scarf or hat on your head.


One of the causes of premature hair growth is smoking. It is not only harmful to our lungs but also has a bad effect on skin and hair.

The toxins contained in cigarettes damage the hair follicles. As a result, the hair turns gray.

Use of chemical cosmetics on hair

More or less everyone uses different types of cosmetics on their hair. However, many people do not check what kind of chemicals are used in any cosmetics. As a result, various problems occur in the hair.

In fact, hair can become prematurely gray due to chemical dyes, hair gel, hair serum, chemical shampoos, masks etc.

Not eating the right food

Nowadays everyone is fascinated with unhealthy food. Various vitamins are left out due to eating food with taste. As a result, the body as well as the hair has a harmful effect.

Remember, essential vitamins and nutrients in food help maintain good hair health. So eating healthy food is important for good hair. That’s why you must eat vitamin B-12 foods.

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