What things do girls give to their friends instead of their husbands? – A glance

Various questions during the interview and their answers have recently gone viral on social media. Knowing the answers to such questions is very important for job seekers. In the interview board many times simple questions are twisted. As a result, most people cannot answer it correctly.

For the past few days we have been bringing you several such questions and their answers in our report. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you clear the interview round easily. Today we bring you ten such questions and answers that you should know.

1. Question: What are things that go up and down, but don’t tilt!
Answer: Temperature.

2. Question: Can you say three days in a row without using Wednesday, Friday or Sunday?
Answer: Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

3. Question: James Bond was thrown from a plane without a parachute. How did he survive?
Answer: The plane was on the runway.

4. Question: What is that thing that a woman shows and a man hides?
Answer: Purse.

5. Question: How can a man survive 10 days without sleep?
Answer: By sleeping at night.

6. Question: Who was India’s first woman IAS officer?
Answer:- Anna Ramzan Malhotra.

7. Question: Are there things that fall when you sleep and rise when you wake up?
Answer: Eyelids.

8. Question: Why do we drink water?
Answer: Because we cannot drink water.

9. Question: What is called a thing that comes once a month and goes away after 24 hours?
Answer: Date.


10. Question: Girls don’t give to their husbands, but husband’s friends do, what is that?
Answer: Veil on the head (this question is asked to confuse).

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