Enhydra Fluctuans Spinach qualities and some rules for use in various ailments

Enhydra faluktaus spinach is a fine aquatic plant. However, it does not grow in salt water. The stems grow to a length of 1 to 2 feet. It has many branches and roots grow in each knot.

The leaves are 1 to 3 inches long. A total of two leaves are arranged side by side. The leaves are not all the same in width. The base of the leaf is quite narrow. The color is dark green. The trees grow quite well during the rainy season.

TTY does not grow at all in winter. The leaves are quite tan and very bitter to eat. Flowers in early winter. The color of the flower is white. Then hold the fruit. Flowers and fruits remain in a single state. Hincheshak grows in almost all the districts of West Bengal including Assam. This vegetable is found in abundance in West Bengal. This tree grows in large numbers in old ponds or wetlands.

GA body odor: Hinchasak juice mixed with sea foam to get rid of body odor.

Itching and rash: Tingling (in winter) or itching (in summer) is very painful. Hinch leaves with a little water on the skin for the above ailments, its juice is quickly applied to the whole body.

 Scabies and itching: These two diseases are very painful for people in winter and rainy season. 3 to 4 teaspoons of hinchesak juice once in the morning will be beneficial. However, as a rule, you need to eat at least fifteen days.

If the blood is contaminated: Hinche vegetable leaves and its juice in the data beet 20 ml. Contaminated blood is cleansed by mixing the amount with one teaspoon of sugar and drinking it once in the morning.

Back pain: Pain or soreness just below the waist, pulling on the leg muscles at night, in these cases 3 teaspoons of Hincheshak juice is slightly warmed and taken on an empty stomach in the morning, all the symptoms go away. However, at least three months should be eaten as a rule.

If the liver is weak: If the liver or liver is weak, various diseases occur in the body. If the liver can be kept strong and healthy, on the one hand, people get relief from many diseases and on the other hand, the body also stays good. Hinchashak 100 g finely chopped 150 ml. The amount of water should be boiled with salt! If there is one cup of boiling water, the pot should be removed from the oven. When it is cold, mix 4 to 5 drops of mustard oil before eating rice to strengthen the liver. Understand the condition and eat regularly for two to four weeks.

In the attack of smallpox: If two or three cocoons appear in the body, that is, in the first stage of the disease, white sandalwood powder mixed with one and a half to two grams and half a cup of spinach juice mixed well, the cocoons come out quickly. If the bile increases: Hinche leaves 30 ml of its juice. And 50 ml of cow’s or goat’s milk (certainly hot and cold). When these two are mixed together, the amount of bile in the body becomes normal. In the case of gonorrhea, there are benefits to playing with the same rules and amounts

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