Balance and healthy eating for good health

The effect of the food that a person eats falls on his whole body. There is a general perception that energy-rich foods are eaten in large quantities. This is a common misconception. In fact, overeating can lead to an excess of fat in the body. This is the name of malnutrition. Excess fat accumulates in the body and causes the onset of many diseases. In fact, it is important to eat green vegetables for good health. Nowadays it should also be eaten clean for the violence of pesticides. It is true that meat has a lot of energy and a lot of protein, but due to the high level of cholesterol in the blood, the possibility of heart disease remains high. Meat increases the levels of urea and uric acid in the body, leading to an outbreak of muscle and bone diseases. When no • Large amounts of adrenaline: Noradrenaline is absorbed into the blood. These products are harmful to the health of the person. Therefore, when an animal is killed, its harmful secretions are mixed in its meat, so that meat is not healthy for human beings, but it is harmful to a large extent. Some people think that vegetarian food does not have the necessary protein. This idea is also wrong. And there is no truth in this belief, because our body has some natural benefits that the body can make essential amino acids from less essential amino acids. Amino acids are extremely important in building and keeping the body healthy. Of the 22 amino acids, the body makes 14, but we have to take 6 from our diet. Otherwise, the nitrogen balance in the body is disturbed. Those who eat vegetarian food are better off eating a mixture of rice and pulses. Rice bread and different types of pulses People are seen to live a healthy way by eating. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the fact that the structure of the human body is suitable for a vegetarian diet. Human teeth and nails are not conducive to carnivores, nor is the human digestive system conducive to digesting meat. The saliva of carnivorous animals is much more acidic than human saliva. In addition, the structure of the tongue and gallbladder is very different from that of carnivores. There is a lot of evidence that the human body is optimal to be vegetarian, not carnivorous. So nowadays a lot of people are going from non-vegetarian to vegetarian. At present, about 5 lakh people in Europe are vegetarians every year. Let us mention a number of harms in meat – meat increases constipation, helps to increase diabetes, can cause nervous disorders, more meat can increase toxins or toxins in the body and damage the liver, pancreas, kidneys. Increased blood concentration disrupts the normal movement of the body. It can even cause cancer. It is important to remember that when a person eats food. Then not only does he receive food but he also receives vibrations from the mind of the food maker. When a frustrated, restless, angry person prepares a meal, the emotional impact of the manufacturer must affect the eater. It is not a matter of emotion or fiction. Modern science has proved it. Scientific experiments have shown that even a tree is able to sense these vibrations. If a person goes to a tree and decides only to tear the leaves, then that tree also starts to vibrate. Three almost identical trees have been taken to better understand the subject. Three people have been assigned to water the three trees every day. The first is an ordinary person, the second is a criminal, the third is mentally ill. With the exception of a few days, it was seen that the tree of the common man has developed better than the other two. In the same way, many experiments have shown that the emotional impact of a food maker’s diet is significant. That is why there is affection in punishment Prepared meals are punishable in the mind of the recipient and are also healthy. In the current socio-economic situation, very few people are freshly disciplined and affectionate. At the moment, “Rajyoga Meditation” has received a very positive response from all over the world for quality practice. Millions of people have benefited immensely from the shadow of Rajyog Meditation, so for the sake of mental health, Rajyog Meditation is now recognized by Sudheejan as an unparalleled state-of-the-art scientific method. (Quality) and quantity (Quantity).

The amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water in the total meal should be just right. Many people have an idea about sattvic food, those who eat vegetarian, they eat sattvic food. The idea is partially true. The basic condition of a sattvic diet is vegetarianism. In addition, there are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration. Gradually attach to the spiritual state in an unattached way. Then there will be ‘sattvic’ food. The help of a nutritionist can be sought to select the required nutritious food from rice, pulses, milk, vegetables and fruits. The amount of food will depend on the person’s physical constitution, mental state, nature of work, age, environment, etc. However, nutritionists in general He suggested that half of the food taken according to the size of the stomach would be solid food, one-fourth would be liquid food and the rest would be zero. Then in choosing food, one must decide on the quality and quantity of food which can be termed as Moderate Diet. It has been observed that a person automatically gets the assurance of a healthy disease-free life only for a moderate diet. Above all, it is better to remember the proverbial sentences ‘desire is in the house of taste’ and ‘he who eats less actually eats more’, then my health will be in my hands.

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