How is the relationship with the nuns?

Relationships with family members have their own equation. Some relationships are very sweet and some relationships are sour-sweet. But some relationships only become a source of bitterness in our lives. Irrespective of men and women, everyone has such experiences in their life. Bitter relationships cause us depression.

When a girl goes to a new family after marriage, she hopes that other members of her family will accept her. While many have that hope fulfilled, many do not. Some began to have bad relations with the nuns. Again and again they accused the nuns of ill use. Even then the problem is not solved. If you are in such a situation, what do you do? Know instantly.

How is the relationship with the nuns?

How is your relationship with the nuns, are you older or younger? Many are dominated by nuns when they are young. They want to impose many things on this new member of the family by force. From then on, the relationship started to deteriorate. And as you grow older, new responsibilities come upon you. Many times, if a young Nanad does something wrong, then he has to be forgiven because he is young. What situation are you in?

Constant turmoil with you

When a new member comes to the family, instead of building a good relationship with him, many people start feeling insecure about him. And this is precisely why many experts believe that the unrest started. Nanad is a member of your family. So he might be insecure about you in some way after you go to that world. And since then, the unrest has grown. They are reluctant to share even small things. Many even complained that Nandara made trouble to sit with them. This may be due to insecurity.

Distance is created with husband

Many women also complain that their uncles cannot accept them at all. That’s why he not only fights with him, but also breaks his grandfather’s or brother’s ear. Night and day they interfere in the personal affairs of the husband-wife relationship. Otherwise, many people complain that she tries to create distance with her husband by telling lies in the name of wife. If your situation is like this, then you should avoid this situation wisely.

How the situation will come to hand

You first draw a line with the nuns. As you do not interfere in his personal life. Similarly, he cannot interfere in your personal life, make it clear to him. None of you will cross this line. Make it clear to him that he has to comply as you will. If he starts fussing over small things, you will not indulge him in any way. Tell him that you don’t like it. As a result, your relationship is deteriorating. Offer to respect each other.

Last advice

Do not accept any unfair terms. Accepting his injustice day after day means condoning injustice. Take care of that. It is also your responsibility to assert your rights.

In the end, if the situation does not go well, you can talk to the nuns directly. You can discuss how to fix this relationship as before.

At the very end you can talk about this with your husband. But let there be no complaint tone in your words. Note that you are talking about his sister. Say the words as if you are only concerned about your honor. No charges against anyone.

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