Learn why we should eat water spinach and its benefits

In our India, in order to increase maternal breast burns, maternity leave was given to the mother to eat. Water SpinachI is especially beneficial for hysteria patients and people with cerebral palsy. If you drink Water SpinachI juice at the beginning of spring disease, the spring buds come out quickly and the poison of this disease is eliminated, it is not fatal. If you drink Water SpinachI juice, any boil will ripen quickly. However, Water SpinachI is prohibited for those who have pus from boils, scabs or itching. Because, it increases the pus more and does not want to dry quickly

The poets say-                                      Water SpinachI can cause various diseases from September to October, so you should not eat Water SpinachI at that time. Again, stale Water SpinachI is especially harmful, so this vegetable should be picked fresh and cooked over low heat. It is not advisable to buy one day and eat 3/4 days. According to them, Water SpinachI is especially beneficial in diseases of the spleen, leprosy and hemorrhoids and prevents the triad of air, bile and phlegm. Water SpinachI If you drink one quart of juice by squeezing the tip, the poison is lost and the syphilis-poison is cut off. According to the calendar-emperor Benimadhab Shil, it is forbidden to eat water spinach on the tenth day.

              Description of the tree   

 Annual creeper plant. He climbed on the water and went far. The inside of the stem is hollow, with knots in between. And the roots come out from each knot. The leaves are three to six inches long. The agar side is quite narrow. The stalk is like Hart Water SpinachI grows on its own in most of the ponds, ponds and reservoirs in West Bengal. Only if there is good mud in the old pond and bottom is the ideal environment for growing Kalmishak.

Beneficial in a few more diseases

Arsenicandopium poisoning: If the patient starts vomiting due to poisoning after consuming large amount of these two, then by consuming 35 to 60 ml of Water SpinachI juice, the poisoning is destroyed. The patient is not in danger of death. In case of breast tenderness, the leaves of Water SpinachI are well beaten and it should be warmed and applied on the breast. When it is ripe, it should be washed with Water SpinachI leaf juice. Within three to four days, the breasts will swell and the hardness will soften and return to normal. Moreover, the saturated milk will come out liquid. If the mouth of the boil is not: The boil is ripe. There is pus inside. But as there is no mouth of boil, pus cannot come out. The result is unbearable consultation. In such cases, the pain increases fourfold when the pus starts to settle. If the tip and roots of Water SpinachI are applied thickly on the boil, pus-blood will come out through the mouth. Liquid semen and nightmares: Water SpinachI juice 3 teaspoons and horseradish root powder mixed with one and a half grams of cow’s milk mixed once a night at bedtime semen will be dark and will not have nightmares. Nervous weakness of pregnant mothers or daughters: After a long period of illness or childbirth, the mother’s body usually becomes weak. In some cases, nervous weakness also occurs. Water SpinachI stem and leaf beet mixed with 20 ml of its juice mixed with one cup of cold milk and one teaspoon of candy powder once a day in the morning is beneficial in both nervous and general weakness. The rule is to eat at least two weeks.




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