Learn how to make homemade sprays to stop snoring

Many people suffer from the problem of snoring. Although the person snoring does not realize it, the condition of the person nearby worsens. Many a times the problem of snoring during sleep is due to cold.

Snoring can also be attributed to substance abuse, excess fat and sleeping habits. But it is possible to get rid of this problem by keeping some things in mind. Know how to get rid of snoring problem-

If your nose is blocked due to a cold; Then use salt water spray before sleeping. You can make this spray at home. For this, mix half a teaspoon of coarse salt with 1 cup of water and fill it in a spray bottle. Spray the nose two to three times each night before going to bed. But do not use for more than 4-5 nights.

And if there is no cold but there is a problem of snoring; Then change your sleeping pattern. Many times, due to sleeping on your back, the airway muscles become compressed by putting pressure on the back. To get rid of this problem turn to the side and then sleep. A large pillow can be used while sleeping.

  •  Excess fat can also cause snoring problems. Reduce fat through proper diet and exercise.
  •  Apply a few drops of menthol oil around the nose before sleeping. It will relieve the problem of nasal congestion.
  •  Snoring is more common among smokers. If you are in the habit of taking any kind of intoxicants, quit it quickly.
  • Sleeping on a high pillow often stops snoring. However, if the snoring does not stop, consult a doctor. Because illness can also cause such problems

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