Is it good or bad to sleep with the light on at night? get to know

Most people in the world sleep with the lights off at night. But some people cannot sleep without light. Some dim the bedroom lights. Keep the egg light on. Many people do not know whether sleeping with lights on is good or bad for health.

Keeping the light on while sleeping can be harmful to our body? This light is not only related to the light in the room, but also the light from the TV or laptop has an adverse effect on our health.

According to researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago, sleeping under such light increases glucose levels in our body. Metabolism may be disturbed. It can even increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

A survey was conducted in 2022, some people slept with lights on and some people slept with darkness. Those who slept with the lights on had more metabolic and heart effects.

What is the harm of sleeping with the light on at night?

Know the effects of sleeping with light on at night on the body.

Obesity victims

A study on women found that those who slept with the TV or lights on had a higher risk of obesity.

May cause depression

Sleeping with lights on at night can increase the risk of depression. Not only that, the blue light emitted from electronic devices has a bad effect on your mood. Light is associated with lack of sleep, which can cause mood swings and irritability.

Blood sugar levels may rise

Prolonged exposure to light during sleep at night increases blood sugar levels. Increases the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes.

The risk of heart disease will increase

Light disrupts the body clock, causing biomechanical changes. Due to which there is risk of high blood pressure, heart disease in long term. If you can’t sleep without light, you can turn on a red bulb instead of a normal light. In fact, red bulbs do not have the same detrimental effect on melatonin production as other colored bulbs.

So it is better to sleep without turning on the light at night.

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