After working all day, the person usually gets tired physically and mentally. Deep and adequate sleep gives the person the necessary rest. Read more

After a long day’s work, the person becomes physically and mentally exhausted. Deep and adequate sleep gives the person the necessary rest. The person is refreshed and can go to work with full vigor. If sleep is not good then the person feels tired and uncomfortable. The person who suffers from insomnia understands the terrible pain of not being able to sleep. More than 30% of people have experienced more or less insomnia in their lifetime. The main cause of insomnia is mental anguish or tension. Thoughts cause people to fall asleep late, a person suffering from depression may fall asleep, but he wakes up before midnight. But later on, despite his best efforts, he is deprived of the mercy of the sleeping goddess. He had to spend the rest of the night in insomnia.

It is best not to use sleeping pills for sleep as much as possible. The best medicine is to master the rules of calming the mind When the mind is calmed, the sleep center located in the brain becomes active. As a result, the person gets normal sleep. If we make it a habit to be at peace without worries, this problem will be solved permanently. A question that usually arises is how much sleep does a person need every day? Every person’s sleep needs are different. Some people feel refreshed after sleeping for four hours and some people do not feel normal even after sleeping for nine hours. Physical fatigue can be eliminated by sleeping for a short time, but a person who is more mentally exhausted needs a lot of sleep. It has been observed that the thoughts of despair, despair, fear, insecurity are more exhausting than the mental and intellectual work. That is why it is deep It is a wise thing to master the art of living with a predominance of satisfactory justice. Rajyog is able to help tremendously to solve this problem. The mind and brain feel punished in the practice of simple Rajyoga. Evidence has been found that Rajyog can help people with insomnia. The mind and the brain feel great punishment in the practice of simple Rajyoga. Rajyoga is a great blessing for the person who suffers from insomnia. A special study was conducted in 1984 by the Medical Wing of the Rajyog Education and Research Foundation. A total of 624 people with insomnia were taken for testing. For a period of only one month, the rule of simple Rajyoga was applied to them. It was found that out of 624 patients, 50% benefited immensely. Such a good positive result in a short period of time automatically amazes everyone.

The discipline of daily life of the students who come under the umbrella of Rajyog is a great blessing. Knowing the secret of the deepest speed of action, they act because the result of that action does not have a bad effect on their life. In addition, there is a beautiful balance between mind-word-action. They never suffer from insomnia because of the balance of body and mind balance for the rhythmic rhythm of action-rest-entertainment. Anxiety overwhelms people. Therefore, in order to master positive thoughts and actions instead of worries, it is essential to make simple Rajyoga an integral part of life.


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