Face full of acne? Isn’t it because of sleeping? Learn how to sleep’

Many people suffer from acne problems after a certain age. Women have more acne problems than men. Due to the growth of pimples on the face, as the beauty is lost, the pain in the face also increases. However, the search for various tricks to reduce this problem continues. From marketed cosmetics to home remedies, many things are used. But the problem does not happen. In fact, acne problems occur due to some mistakes in daily life. One of the causes of acne is dust and dirt accumulated on the skin. Also, the problem of acne increases due to sleep.

Dirty pillow covers: We regularly wash clothes. However, many people do not wash the pillow cover regularly. Various dirt accumulates in it, which sticks to the mouth while sleeping. Because bacteria are also born from the dirt accumulated in the cover. These bacteria damage our skin. This causes acne problems. Change pillowcases at least once a week to avoid acne problems.

Sleeping with makeup: Many people often do not wash off their makeup properly as they are tired after coming home. In this condition, the skin becomes twelve o’clock when sleeping. Makeup keeps skin’s natural pores closed all night. From this the problem of acne increases. So it is always better to go to bed with makeup on.

Sleeping on the side: Many people have the habit of sleeping on the side of the bed. When sleeping in this position, the pillow rubs against the skin. As a result, skin irritation increases. When skin inflammation increases, acne tends to increase.

Apply oil to hair overnight: Oil massage is very beneficial for hair and scalp. However, it is better not to apply oil to the hair all night. It can cause acne problems on the face. In particular, people with oily skin should never sleep with oil in their hair.

Not cleaning the face properly: The skin accumulates external dust throughout the day. So it is very important to clean the face with face wash or cleanser before sleeping at night. Always wash your hands thoroughly before applying face wash to your skin.

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