If the mental pain and instability are not intense, the mind does not sit in meditation

People suffer and call on God and engage in spiritual activities. Then he seeks God to alleviate his sorrow, and worships – chanting and vows – so that God may give him peace. But he gets nothing but temporary pleasure. Maybe he gets a little fame. This praise is temporary. Like a day or two. There is no change in the unrest. So people may be able to prevent grief for a while but not forever. Only after meditation can this sorrow be removed. When a person falls into severe mental anguish, he becomes a devotee of God, sometimes with a deep longing for meditation and meditation. Wants to know – where is the end of this sorrow? What is the way to overcome this grief? Everything in this world is Maya. Apparently the inside is the complete opposite of what we see on the outside. The wise devotee meditates to understand this Maya mystery. Under the influence of rice we can know the nature of the object. Let’s see the truth under the influence of meditation. But I see it by insight.

||The effect of meditation||

(1) We do not get confused in the enigmatic world under the influence of meditation.

(2) Meditation brings insight into the mind.

(3) Meditation makes us see the indirect Brahman.

(4) Through meditation we can keep ourselves restrained and cohesive, we are lost in the whirlpool of the world – we are no longer confused without confusion.

(5) Under the influence of meditation we can go to Golok Vrindavan. We can understand that heaven and mortal exist in this body. In meditation we see Raslila in the heart, hear the bewilderment of the Brajgopis and see the Gaur Nitai, the Harinam chanting of the original great men.

(6) One of the great effects of meditation is that meditation never lets the mind go down. Meditation is always upward. When the mind wants to go down, meditation pulls it upwards. Sitting in meditation, I never think of cheating, cheating, drinking and women’s thirst. Try it, you will understand – you will be able to experience. You can instantly realize what a heavenly thing meditation is. Sit and meditate against the background of darkness outside, but your heart will be flooded with light. So darkness outside meditation – a fountain of light inside.

(7) As a result of meditation we become eager to get along well with people, the mind will not want to be abused in any way.

(8) Meditation destroys the human body and inspires self-consciousness. –

(9) That this world is self-sufficient and self-centered — this realization we gain through meditation. Meditation teaches to be homosexual in every living thing.

(10) As a result of meditation, such a divine power is awakened in you Will be – by which you will be glorified in your own glory, you will be glorified in your own glory and importance, you will be glorious in your own greatness.

(11) The unwilling scholar says: “Just as gravity holds everything in the world, so be absorbed in the attraction of meditation. That is your main attraction. Various other attractions are constantly trying to act on you, but if the gravity is strong inside you, the other attraction will not be able to have any effect on you. Contemplate this notion as you meditate on the magnificent magnetic field of the brain. Always try to feel that that huge magnet is established in your brain. He is ‘Ishvara: Param: Krishna :. The world is disciplined, rhythmic – colorful and musical by his will.

(12) God is indwelling. He is always in everyone’s heart. Be overwhelmed with more joy knowing you are in your heart too. If you look somewhere outside, you will not find him. We will not meet him on the road even in a billion years. Search in the heart. He is sitting quietly somewhere. Feel His presence in your heart. And say in your mind: “Develop your inner heart. Awaken, vibrate, purify. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, O innermost, develop inwardly.

(13) If one can remain immersed in meditation, then one can move freely by overcoming the illusions of the universe. Besides, meditation is the resting place of the mind. The mind is wrapped in meditation and sits in delusion. This is the potter The physical symptoms of the condition, thoughtlessness is the mental symptom and being alive in joy is the spiritual symptom.

(14) If the mind cannot be freed from desire, man cannot enter into the depths of meditation. Once the mind enters that land, the yogi attains direct attainment. Then he got God. This is the name of salvation. He no longer has to come into the world of birth and death.

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