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Three friends – Ajay, Sujit, Manish – walking down the street – saw a dog. The dog is looking at them and barking. Ajay quickly moved to the other side. Her fear, if the dog bites. Sujit looked away and went ahead. He put his hand on the dog’s head and back and said, “Hello Tommy, did you say that, son?” How come you are so strong? Receiving Sujit’s caress, the dog started wagging its tail. Seeing this, Manish said, “Don’t waste time, Sujit is leaving.” He continued.

Three people react differently to the same situation. Why this difference? For mentality. Seeing the dog, Ajay’s mentality is negative (fear), Sujit’s is positive (joy), and Manish is neutral. Circumstances are not the cause of your emotional well-being. Your response depends on what you think about the situation. Take another example. Dad is dying in the hospital. The doctor said: Tell all the relatives, and he will die in half an hour. At this, a boy began to cry: Father, do not leave us; We will not live without you, we want you. Let another boy look at his wrist watch and say to himself, and only half an hour; This time the house in Salt Lake will be mine. (Since the property will be divided between the two sons after the death of the father.) Not the situation, your mentality is more important.

|| Habits ||

Think of a recent incident when you were sad, or angry, or frustrated. Write a description of that situation on a piece of paper. 2 Read it carefully now. What was your mentality then? What was your mind doing? Blaming either the situation or any person. Now try to catch what was going on in your mind (Self-talk) at that time.

Here are some common self-talk examples: 1) He shouldn’t have done this.

2) I was wronged.

3) People – do not want to accept the argument.

4) I did not make such a mistake. 5) The situation is unbearable. Now notice the self-contradiction in these Self-talk. Whenever you find yourself in an ‘unfavorable’ situation in the future, try to catch your own self-talk. If you understand this, many problems of the mind will go away.

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