Diseases will stay away and immunity will be strengthened by eating these 3 foods in winter

Winter is coming. Many people like this winter very much. But the biggest problem of winter is that many people get sick during this time. Due to the decrease in immunity, on the one hand, you get a cold, cough or fever, along with diseases like stomachache, indigestion, constipation. Therefore, it is very important to keep the immune system of the body strong during this time, so that this kind of body can be dealt with. And to increase immunity, special attention should be paid to the diet. Because there are certain foods that can boost immunity if kept in the diet. This report mentions 3 such foods, which if kept in the diet will strengthen immunity in winter and keep diseases away.

Eating jaggery will be beneficial
Jaggery, rich in phosphorus, calcium and zinc, works wonders in keeping the body healthy in winter. Jaggery’s antioxidants help boost the body’s immune system. Jaggery is very beneficial for people suffering from cold and flu. Besides, eating jaggery with gram fills up iron deficiency in the body and reduces the risk of dangerous diseases like anemia.

Dates will give benefits
Rich in calcium, potassium and vitamins, dates are very beneficial for health. Dates are also rich in fiber. This fiber relieves stomach related problems. Consuming dates boosts the body’s immune system and helps the body fight against seasonal diseases.

Eat eggs in winter
According to health experts, eggs are very beneficial for the body in winter. It strengthens the body from within and reduces the risk of problems like cold and flu. This results in the body getting enough protein, which helps in muscle growth. Health experts advise everyone to eat eggs in winter for their nutritional value.

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