The basis of our state of mind is our judgment

We feel the way I think. Negative thoughts due to fear, frustration, jealousy etc. generate tension and positive thinking is conducive to good health due to peace, honesty, spiritual affection etc. In the same way that I am able to use the various organs of the body at will in my mind, so a Rajyogi has enough control over his own state of mind. As a result, even in adverse situations, the person has the ability to calm down the situation arising from his positive attitude. The first thing to understand is – the way we move our arms and legs as we wish is the same as the judgment of the mind.

I can control the flow. Wherever and however I want to turn my mind, I can turn it according to time. Therefore, in order to deal with a situation like tension or the speed of determination that arises within me, to control myself in such a situation, I can give timely positive thinking to the mind. I always want to have such a habit.

Psychologists are of the opinion that any form of ‘situation’ never generates tension by itself. How we view a situation depends on how much it affects our thinking. This is exactly the reason why when the same situation comes in front of many people, the reaction to that situation is different. For example, if a glass of milk falls to the ground from the hand of one person, three people will react in three ways. One person is furious to see this loss
The shouts will cover the shouts. And the one who will help you in the fall of milk, the one who is engaged in the work of cleaning, the third person will say, do what you have to do next time, do it with your mind when you work next time.

The basis of our response is personality and recognition. Suppose a loved one dies. Every person has to face such a situation at some point or another. In such a situation, the person who thinks that the human brain does not have all the energy of consciousness like the ‘soul’ will be sad and restless. He will think that the life of my relative is over.

But the real truth is that the “immortal, immortal and indestructible conscious soul” is the cause of one’s life. The soul leaves one body and begins to act by assuming another body. This is the general rule of the soul. Death is not the end of life. the soul Every believing person never loses control of the mind in such a situation. Maintain a neutral view of what is going on through the eyes of spiritual knowledge. He will easily overcome the ‘shift’ called death by his own strong position to have knowledge of the specific and indestructible performance of each soul. Eventually we can come to the conclusion that the basis of any form of response depends on the individual’s beliefs.

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