In the present age, stress or anxiety is identified as the main cause of various diseases

As in the present era the main cause of various diseases is identified as stress or tension. The person who is free from tension enjoys real happiness, peace and good health.

Some people have the idea that there is a need to have a little stress in life. This is omnipresent error. If there is no tension at all, life will become inactive, these are imaginary beliefs. In fact, the person who has no tension is said to be more efficient. Dr. Haynes proved by his final research that even the slightest stress can have a detrimental effect on a person’s health. For a stress-free life, one must master the rules of calming the mind in a certain way, as well as learn to change one’s outlook on life. In the modern age, tension is a huge problem Gone because our “mind” is controlled by external ‘persons’, ‘objects’ and ‘splendors’. Tash should be free from external factors to reduce it. I have to realize that peace of mind is not in the external splendor but in the self-religion of the soul. Through Rajyoga meditation, the soul can beautify its life by acquiring power, holiness, love, peace, etc. from the “Supreme Father Paramatma” by acquiring various divine qualities such as tolerance, humility, fearlessness, introspection, patience, sweetness, joyfulness. In daily life, a person has to face various adversities and at the same time he has to apply the acquired divine qualities. Divinity can easily defeat vice. It must be remembered that vices are now ubiquitous. So if you apply divine virtue or virtue instead of vice, the ghost called tension will go away forever.


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