The purpose of meditation is to open up our spiritual horizons

(A) Meditation reveals our spiritual new horizon and holds that the purpose of meditation is to perceive the God-pervading universe that is all-pervading. Then when the mind becomes one with it, it is samadhi. It all ends in the grave. Then there is no feeling of the second. The only way to reach Advaita is to meditate and find all the monotonous universe in Samadhi. Then this de is no longer the same. Not just the body, but the whole being is at stake.

In order to nurture meditation, one has to do puja japa, swadhyaya etc. In the sixth chapter of the Gita, it is true that karma yoga gives the devotee the right to meditate, but in order to be absorbed in meditation, karma must be gradually reduced. Want masculine. In the sanctuary alone, deer skin and clothing will be spread over the misrule. The seat should not be too high or too low. Keep the body, head and neck straight – don’t look at anything outside. Will meditate alone. Will gradually assimilate the mind. Sri Ramakrishnadev used to say – whatever one desires, that is his soul. So those who are devout will understand the meditation of the sixth chapter of the Gita as the meditation of their Esther.

There is no need for the meditator to chant mantras or go around the temple without meditation. Then everything will be messed up, there will be no more meditation. It is obligatory to meditate. Totapuri monks used to meditate while lying down. But it is not right to meditate while lying down. The possibility of falling asleep suddenly. Y standing If you meditate while standing, you will be more afraid of losing your balance. There is no meditation in it.

The language will do a little in the first place. Then when you get used to it, you can sit and meditate. For example, when the tree is small, it is taken care of and the fence is thickly chopped. I think I will meditate, in the forest and in the corner ‘. Those who are virtuous, they meditate inside the mosquito net at night. People think he’s sleeping. They have absolutely no outward appearance. In fact, many devotees fall asleep while sitting and meditating. He is called Yoginidra. In that state many devotees see the form of God. Again, those who are perfect in meditation become bewildered in the way of God as soon as they sit down to meditate.

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