Clarity of body and environment

Rules Clarity of body and environment For good health we need physical purity and clarity of atmosphere. If the body is not kept clean, the chances of getting skin diseases are high and the opacity of the atmosphere calls for multiple bacterial infections. Protects against accumulation and growth of pathogens. Areas of the body that have adequate amount of yam should be cleaned very well. Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and water immediately after defecation, otherwise the germs will enter the body in any way from the fingernails or on the hands, causing the germs to enter the body and cause new diseases. Hands should be washed with soap or something like this before eating Failure to do so can lead to germs entering the body due to carelessness or negligence. Be careful with drinking water. Unclean water should not be drunk without clear water. Even if it is not possible to get purified water out on the streets, it is better not to drink dirty water. It is better not to take food or sharvart made with untreated water. Flies also play a vital role in transmitting the disease.

That is why flies are sitting on the food items sold on the streets. Good. It is important to cut your nails at least once a week. Adequate amount of air and sunlight needs to come into the house. It cannot grow harmful germs in the environment. I want to clean the house and all the contents of the house immediately. It is very important to pay attention to dental health. Teeth should be cleaned with a brush or toothpaste after tiffin and eating. Remember to take food five After a minute, the food that has accumulated in the gaps between the teeth begins to turn into stone. As a result, dementia or gum disease is seen later. This can lead to stomach ailments. Brushing your teeth at night is much more important than brushing your teeth in the morning because leaving food in the gaps between the teeth means more damage to the teeth. Five minutes after eating should prevent the attack of germs or stones. According to the situation, even if you can’t brush your teeth with toothpaste or paste, you have to keep your teeth clean only by brushing them properly. It is enough to brush your teeth properly for only 2 minutes at a time. In the western world, dental exercise is less common due to the habit of eating soft foods. It is also one of the reasons for the increase in dental diseases. It is necessary to eat some solid food every day so that some dental labor is done. If ever the teeth are black If stains appear or any pain arises, it is imperative to consult a dentist as soon as possible. The general public is afraid to go to the dentist. As soon as their idea goes to the doctor, the doctor will advise to remove the tooth. But this is a misconception. In fact, doctors try their best to save teeth. He advises to remove the teeth only when there is no other way. If tooth decay cannot be prevented from the beginning, then it must be removed.

Taking painkillers alone does not eliminate the root cause of the disease. To maintain good eye health, clean hands should be cleaned a couple of times a day with a splash of clear water. It is inappropriate to study in insufficient light. Direct light rays should not be allowed to fall on the eyes. Any subject should be brought to light and read. There is no end to people’s worries about hair. A good oil or lotion for hair is much more than it needs to be Need more 8-10 minutes massage at the base of the hair.  The head should be cleaned once a week with soap, shampoo and rhubarb.  However, wet hair should not be rubbed hard.  It is better to take off the long hair and apply it in the morning sun for some time.  Just as the body needs external cleansing, it is also necessary to keep the inner body clean.  If stool is deposited in the rectum, many diseases are born from it.  We will have a moderate daily diet, along with maintaining a healthy habit (Time, Healthy Habit) so that the constipation is cleansed properly every day.  Some people have two or three bowel movements.  Many people do not know the symptoms of the disease.  This is also an illusion.  This is because if it continues like this, the digestive system will not function properly and as a result, many diseases will gradually start to appear.

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