Meditation and its process What is meant by meditation

Ramakrishna’s advice compiled by Swami Brahmananda is in Malaya – the mind will become absolutely engrossed in meditation. Even if the bird comes and sits on the body, you will not feel it.

Samadhi only when this meditation is deep again. Shankaracharya wrote in the Gita commentary – Thoughts are the name of meditation by concentrating the mind in the inner soul by restraining the senses from the subject of words. Meditation is the intimate pursuit of introspection. Meditation is to know that endless monotheistic object and to grasp the chinmoy object. First of all, meditation is started by adopting an idol as a meditation. That goal is our apparent goal. Then it sinks to the bottom of the abyss To go There doesn’t seem to be a world outside. I will forget that I am in a body. He entered a dream kingdom.

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