You may be surprised to know what was used to write the epic Mahabharata

We all know that Maharishi Vedavyas wrote the world’s greatest epic Mahabharata. But how was the poem written? Many people do not know that i.e. what was used instead of feather pen, you may be surprised to know.

According to legend, Maharishi Vedavyas decided that he would compose the Mahabharata. But while writing, he saw that it is very difficult to write such a big epic by composing the verses of this epic. So when Maharishi Vedavyas Prajapati took shelter of Brahma, he asked him to take help of Ganesha. Then Maharishi Vedavyas sat in the penance of Ganesha.

Ganesha appears, pleased with his penance, and agrees to help Vedavyas. But Ganesha gave Vedavyas a condition that if he stopped reciting shlokas even for a moment, then he would not write any more epics. Agreeing to this condition of Ganesha, Vedavyas also gave a condition to Ganesha and said that he should understand and write all the verses.

Then the writing of Mahabharata began. While reciting the Mahabharata, Ved Vyas deliberately composed complex verses so that Ganesha would take time to understand them and give him time to recite the next verse. Thus Ganesha continued to write and on the other hand Vedavyas recited verses.

Then suddenly Ganesha’s quill breaks while writing but as per the condition Ganesha cannot stop his writing, then seeing no other way he breaks one of his own teeth. And that became the ‘special’ pen for writing Mahabharata.

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