Meditation means deep thinking miraculous philosophy

You can be at peace in the midst of thousands of shouts and screams. No screams will enter your ears. If you wish, you can restrain yourself in meditation and visit all the Vrindavan, the pilgrimage sites of India. Sitting in meditation, Ramakrishna would not only get mother Bhavatarini in front, but also Surendra as the son of the goddess. Rani used to see Rasmoni as Durga’s girlfriend and Chaitanyadev as Balaram and Master in the choir group. He saw the birthplace of Chaitanyadev in the Ganges in meditation and saw Saratashashi in the group of Jesus Christ. Swamiji meditated and saw the Aryan sage of the Vedic age on the banks of the Indus. Heard and their melodious invocation of Goddess Gayatri. Swami Brahmananda listened to the meditation – the song of Sambed in the mouths of birds. He Returned to the Vedic age through meditation, came close to Muni-Rishi and Tapoban.

. You might say – these are fantasies. Not so. You are not attracted to imagination – you will find peace of mind. Peace means – what a deep delight – deep introspection – unadulterated self-satisfaction you can’t imagine. You can come back from heaven and the abyss by meditating with great imagination. You can leave the worldly body through meditation and ascend the heavens to become self-centered, talking to your ancestors. If you want. But what happens if you are addicted to the world? Must be indifferent. I meet my heavenly Father regularly. I can see my father only when I close my eyes and stay calm. I saw him walking at the door of Vaikuntha. I did not see his hunger and thirst – I always see him in a happy form. Bless me forever. Despite the physical difficulties, I have become a king in terms of mind. I am no longer afraid of anyone, I call myself small, insignificant I don’t think there was even envy towards the rich, I didn’t feel inferior to them. These are not the language of imagination – absolutely real. You too meditate, meditate in deep introspection – your mind will grow stronger, you will not feel small, even great scholars and rich people will feel insignificant, devotion will seem simple, the idea of ​​God or any deity will be close to them – their You don’t have to do any hard austerities to get mercy, everything will seem simple – simple and joyful. Not only that, then the world will be a happy kingdom for you and you will feel like a king of the new world.

Imagination in meditation does not mean long bizarre thoughts, here the meaning of imagination is construction. Imagination of Brahman in Sadhakanang Hitartha. Srivagavan will show the idol as the devotee wants to see it. The meditator, however, should not do extra worldly deeds, he should stay with the meditation. Only then will he succeed in meditation. The meditation of the wise is opposed to worldly action. Sometimes the wise forget the worldly deeds. He forgets because of deep thoughts. Wise but can easily reach the depths of meditation, can also be liberated easily. Ordinary meditators, however, are not easily liberated. How many devotees have been sitting in meditation in caves for hundreds of thousands of years — they have not found the way to liberation. But the wise devotee has been released effortlessly. Rajarshi Janak, Raja Ambreesh – these are the proofs. The demons have had to meditate for thousands of years in order to attain heaven, but they have met the giver. And liberation is in the knowledge of King Janmejaya. Liberation is by the knowledge of Bhishma.

As a result of meditative austerities, meditation has the power to curse or favor. The wise do not have it. But it must be understood that it was due to his austerities. Those whose minds are scattered about various things need to try to be meditative. It will restrain the mind – they will be able to live in peace. Mother Saradamani’s statement is important for those who are not able to meditate in any way. Saradamani says ‘first take the mind to the head and then bring it down to the heart and meditate, it will work. According to my advice, Birjananda has got great benefits in a few days. For this, it is necessary to have a guru in the field of meditation as well.

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