Some rules to get rid of tobacco alcohol and other drugs

Consumption of tobacco, alcohol and other products makes a person feel comfortable and happy for a while. But this addiction causes considerable damage to the physical, mental and social aspects of the person.

More than 400 toxic substances have been found in tobacco smoke. There are about 50 of these substances that help to fight cancer or increase the risk of cancer. In the twentieth century, about 200 million people have died from tobacco use. This number is likely to increase fivefold in the 21st century Of the 4 million people in the world every year, about 9 million people die in India. Passive smokers are 20 times more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers. In India, 200 secondhand smokers die every day. Lips in different types of tobacco,Increases the chances of cancer of tongue, stomach etc. The incidence of heart disease also increasesą„¤

Alcohol causes acidity and ulcers in different parts of the stomach, which helps to increase various complex problems of the liver. Alcohol can also cause brain problems for several years. If you have a terrible brain disease like Wernicke’s encephalopathy, you have to live like a crippled patient for the rest of your life. Alcohol increases the risk of various accidents. The level of family unrest also increases. In addition, other intoxicants such as brown sugar, morphine, mandrex, charas, marijuana, etc., like venomous snake venom, take away a person’s physical and mental strength.To maintain a healthy life you need to protect yourself from any kind of intoxication. If someone becomes intoxicated then he has to get rid of it.

What are the terrible harms of intoxication to get rid of intoxication. It is important to have enough knowledge about that. In a country like the United States, only 30% of people quit smoking after learning about the physical effects of smoking. Only bidis and cigarettes do not burn in smoking. The precious note in one’s pocket burns, one’s heart burns in the smoke, the love-relationship of the house burns, happiness-peace burns, the future of the children burns, the stick of the old father-mother burns. The net fruit is harming the whole society.

Many people resort to smoking and alcohol to get rid of grief and unrest. These people will no longer resort to drugs if they can be taught the “work secrets” and the natural way to get rid of tension. Rajyoga teaches that rare and easy method.

Most people want to get rid of addiction but they do not get rid of it due to lack of strong morale. The desire to get rid of addiction I want but I want “willpower” to give up drugs. It is no longer possible to give up intoxication because of the weakness of the will. In order to increase morale, a person in the practice of Rajyoga associates his mind and intellect with the ocean of omnipotence, “Paramatma Paramatma.” As a result, pure energy is transmitted to the mind. As a result, harmful “habits or reforms” are freed from the mind of the person.

Many people who came to Prajapita Brahmakumari Aishwarya Vishwavidyalaya have been able to bring dislike towards various drugs through yoga practice. We have many examples of getting rid of various types of drugs in a short period of time. It is a true living feeling.

In 1975, an experimental search was conducted on 163 smokers. In one month, 34% of smokers have become completely smoke-free in the practice of Rajyoga. In one year, 93% of people were released. Only 8% of people He could not get rid of drugs even after practicing yoga. Tests on alcohol and other drugs have also yielded good results. Some issues to be considered about intoxication:

1. It is great to be free from intoxication in youth In old age, the fox also becomes a saint.

2. He who is addicted to drugs has to mourn in the future. All the armies of the world have not been able to do as much as human and property has been destroyed due to intoxication. After lunch, drink 2 glasses of whey and get drunk.

3. If you are addicted to smoking, it is beneficial to put 2 drops of clove oil on your tongue. With determination, it is possible to give up any type of drug without medication.


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