If gas is not the situation, you will have the plant at 3 in the morning

People who do not suffer from indigestion are rare these days. This disease is attacking at different ages. Irregular eating, not taking enough care of the body, craving for outside food—these are the reasons behind gas-heartburn. Many people tend to take medicine only when they have gas. It may provide temporary relief, but such drugs take their toll on the body. Rather than that, it is important to emphasize how to stay away from the problem of gas. Nutritionists say, just a few morning exercises will reduce the risk of gas-heartburn.

Eat soaked peanuts

Peanuts are very healthy. Rich in vitamin E, manganese, minerals, flavonoids, walnuts reduce cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heartburn.

Moreover, the amount of fiber in peanuts is also very high. Fiber prevents digestive problems in the first place. As a result, stomach health is good.

lemon water

Many people eat lemon and honey mixed with hot water in the morning to lose weight. This drink can also be relied upon to reduce gas-heartburn problems. Just omit the honey from the ingredients. This water is also very useful in reducing discomfort like flatulence, gas and bloating.


From losing weight to gas-burning, there is really no substitute for exercise to avoid the risk of illness. Regular exercise is also necessary to reduce stomach upset.

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