Peace to Peace comes only when the mind is calm

You can buy medicine. But beautiful health cannot be bought. You can buy beautiful pillows and cots. But not sleep. You can buy a bungalow house. Not a happy family. With money you can hire a skilled engineer in your company. But there is no such thing as his sincerity.

You can buy the best paintings in the world, but the feeling of beauty cannot be bought with money.

You can buy all kinds of cosmetics with money. Beauty cannot be bought.

You can marry Miss World. But love is not found with money.

With money you can buy the best car. Human dignity cannot be bought with money.

The senses can give you pleasure, not punishment.

Punishment from β€˜calm’. Peace comes only when the mind is calm.

|| Habits ||

Sit in a chair. Easy – even if it is a chair. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Now, keep listening to the sounds around you. Dogs are barking in the street. The car is going. People are talking. The ceiling fan is running in the room. … listen comfortably for three minutes. (Don’t concentrate on these sounds, just keep listening.) Second step. Breathing – your chest rises and falls as you breathe. Keep feeling this chest movement for three minutes. (Don’t worry if your breathing gets worse or worse. Anyway, you can feel the ups and downs of the chest.) Third step. With the nose you are inhaling and exhaling. Keep feeling it for 4 minutes. Thus practice three steps for 10 minutes. Do this at least twice a day: morning and evening. The mind will calm down.

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