Meditation and development of life

Meditation removes the inertia of our mind – purifies the mind and at the same time sharpens the heart. Not only that, he helps life in many ways.

(A) Through meditative endeavor our Svarupamurti develops, the external idol merges. It seems that I am not in me, only he, that is, God. The development of Swarupamurti, i.e. Esther, through meditation is no less important.

(B) This meditation is directed to the one who does not seem to be apparent. Meditation causes the appearance of chinmoy idols in clay stones.

(C) Meditation takes us from general vision to deep knowledge Goes. Meditation helps us to know the theories – the attraction and the attraction to women, the name, the fame, the fame, the autumn clouds, the mirage that there is not a drop of water.

(D) Meditation keeps the mind steady from the confusion of perceiving the apparent appearance of an object or person. With meditative knowledge we can be disillusioned and live happily in the world.

(E) The world will be considered as a stage by meditation. The meditator does not have to suffer from jealousy, envy and jealousy, the world seems to be Nisha’s dream. The meditator does not have to be preoccupied with any regrets, complaints, frustrations and dissatisfaction with desires. Meditation helps us stay healthy from these things.

(F) Meditation teaches people moderation.

The meaning of meditation:

1. Meditation means a strong struggle within oneself. Meditation means killing the demonic power of one’s body. Meditation means fighting with oneself.

2. Meditation means introspection. . Meditation is not the name of the weak – it is the great weapon of the strong. . Meditation means to merge with Esther. . Meditation means to attain astasiddhi, to wander the mind in the subtle body.

3. Meditation is the pursuit of concentration of the mind. To the meditator, the steel objects of the world begin to flow unintentionally.

4. The one who is standing outside my heart is driving me The name of seeing is meditation, the name of feeling him is meditation.

5. Meditation means uplifting the downward mind.

12. Meditation is the coating of the subconscious mind behind the mind.

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