English name – Red Malabar Night Shade

English name – Red Malabar Night Shade

Medical name – A pot-herb.

Latin name – Lucida.

Hindi name – Paigo Shaak

Bengali Name – Pui Shak

Gujrati Name – Pothi

Maharashtra Name – Mayallu,lodhu

    ।।Malabar spinach quality।।

That is, Puni is – antiseptic, emollient, mucous, air and bile-killing; Harmful to the throat, slippery, sedative, ejaculatory, hemoptysis; Strong, palatable, nutritious and satisfying. This pushak cum stimulant. That is why it is absolutely forbidden for Hindu widows to eat Punishak in our country.There are three types of caterpillars – common, forest and small-leafed. Forest Punishak – warm and bitter – with bitter juice. And the quality of the small leaf mascara is almost like that of ordinary mascara. Never cook with sesame seeds. According to the calendar of Benimadhab Shil, it is forbidden to eat Punishak on the twelfth day. A root of the pomegranate is well beaten, mixed with one poya of water and eaten whole. People who have heartburn, sore throat and chest irritation are not allowed to eat this vegetable.

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