You are God’s creation so try to live like a king Don’t act like a beggar

You are God’s creation. So try to survive like a king. Don’t act like a beggar. Before you pray for something, see how much God has given you. A super-computer (brain), 2 color cameras (eyes), stereo system (ears) … 2 hands, fingers for fine work, heart, lungs, 2 legs … and many more. – Water, air, fire, trees, metals and various minerals … Beautiful blue skies, beautiful cloud fairs, birds, cows, your super-computer, etc. How much of the juice (resources) you use too much if only 7%. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.


God has given you so much. But how much are you giving to this society, to the people? Decide: “Today, from 10 am to 12 noon, I will come in contact with anyone — someone in the family, or a colleague, or a friend, a relative, a stranger — I will give them something – or – something. “It’s not always the expensive thing to give as a gift. You can give the gift of laughter. Or praise. Or any good news that will make him happy ….. went to visit a friend’s house. There must be something admirable in his drawing room – curtains, vases, wall colors … Congratulations to the friend’s wife for this, appreciate. Smile on a colleague or subordinate for one of his accomplishments.

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