Isn’t meditation a monotonous task Who will you meditate on

A. No. The taste of nectar is found in meditation. Is nectar ever a boredom? The more you meditate – the deeper you will enter the realm of bliss. There is monotony in world thinking, there is not it in Brahma thought. Do we think our limbs and mind are monotonous? Do I find boredom to be boring? Meditation is like physical activities. Moreover, the meditative Chinmoy people travel. What’s the monotony again? Wandering as comfortably as a bird in the sky, only nectar Many people worship and meditate by making portraits of those whom we love, respect, and whose ideals we follow. That is why Buddhists meditate on Buddha, Ramakrishna’s disciples meditate on Sri Ramakrishna, Christians meditate on Christ and Vaishnavas meditate on Vishnu. Many people leave the idol and meditate on the symbol. The cross is a symbol. This cross reminds us of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. By using this cross, Christians feel the touch of Jesus Christ. Many people meditate on the sun. The sun is the most effortless sight, radiant. Worshiping the sun is easier than worshiping fire. But he is huge. There is nothing greater than that. It is very easy and better to use the sun to imagine that great God. Sit in meditation with the sun’s meditation mantra and prostration mantra. Will be easily achieved. With a gondush of water or an offering in the right hand, he will offer an offering to the Sun God in the lower mantra.

Mantra: Om nama bebosota bramanya vaswata bisnutajasa jagat sabitra suchi karmadaine idamghang nama vagabate sree surya nama

Then pour that water into a container for the purpose of the sun. Immediately greet the sun with folded hands. Repeat-

Om Jabakusum sangkasang kasapyang mahadutim dhantaring sarba papangna pranatoshmi debakaram

Om punnahang punngahang punnahang.

Om swasti, Om Sawsti, Om Sawsti

Pursuing a symbol or idol is like a ticket to a place. Until we get to the place, the price of the ticket is unknown. Once we get there, the ticket has no value. In the same way, whether it is Kalimuti or Gheer Musti, through all these symbols or tickets, our consciousness becomes born, our spiritual endeavors become alive and realistic. Onkar mantra is not just a word, it is a great symbol of meditation. The heart can be made world-conscious by keeping Pranik in front of him. When he utters the mantra deeply, as the body and mind are filled, the heart is also filled with joy. The emergence of Bhagavatsattva and the establishment of Ahuvabodha with this and the symbolism. It is through this that everything in the living world is felt to be single. Our idol will be discovered through Okar. It is not a fantasy but one hundred percent true. I have seen it with my own life, I have seen it in meditation – I have seen it in the great union of thoughts – I have felt it.

Inspired by him, I am like a dream in my sleep – always immersed in meditation. Sometimes he appears holding a gadapadma – sometimes with a flute in his hand. Then deep joy flowed in my heart. Infinite inspiration – I am immersed in the deep transcendence of deep love. What happiness he has – what happiness he has – cannot be explained to anyone. Understanding the language to describe that surge of joy is not in the dictionary of creation. Then I cannot utter any language in front of him. No hymns come to mind. Getting close to the deity makes me forget the mantra of worship. Then I spend time with him, I see his presence in the middle of any action, I get the world in my hands. Then new thoughts crowded in me. We feel our divinity in every human being, in all creatures and in all trees. The world then becomes monotonous to me. It seems like a dream to me.

Understanding the way in this way, Ramakrishna left the stone idol of Paramahansa’s mother and went up to Kashipur Udyanbati permanently. He attained the ultimate truth by adopting an idol and holding on to that truth in life. He passed through Mrinmoy to Chinmoy. In this way we also have to pass from clay to chinmoy, in this way we have to see Brahma. Brahmadarshan is not a difficult task. Want only perception and feeling. That intimate relationship of our daily life with Brahman; Symbolic Thought – Through the successful practice of symbolic thought ঐ the symbol becomes Jagajjani, the world becomes Bhagavatmaya, the world becomes self-existent, then one feels one with the world-world.

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