Why are people actually afraid? Know the details

I get scared when I suddenly see or hear something unexpected. Spider? Circus clown? Tall buildings? Lying bloody body? Suddenly, many people can start screaming. But why are people actually afraid?

University of Manchester psychologist and author of a book on fear. Warren Mansell says it’s expressive, it’s about biology, and it’s all about survival. Our body needs to be prepared to run away or turn around in the face of any kind of fear or danger.

Sociologist Dr. Margie Kerr says it’s important to quickly identify the cause of fear and find ways to overcome it. This is what keeps people alive.

Most of the time, when people are afraid, they try to deal with the scary situation by ‘fight or flight’, or they run away from the situation or completely avoid it. At this time, the heart rate of people increases, which gradually increases. However, many face the situation with courage. Someone was surprised by the suddenness of the incident. jumped up

This is mainly because your brain hasn’t had enough time to prepare for what’s about to happen, but you’re suddenly and violently exposed to it.

Andy Nyman, co-creator of the London horror theater Ghost Stories, says, First: the absolute jump scares.

People find reactions like jumping up and down funny. But actually it is a very difficult and sensitive situation.

Andy Nyman said, “If you get it right, it’s great to startle the audience.” Because they will not have any preparation to face that situation.

Another type of fear is that you don’t really startle it, but if you close your eyes you will feel a tingling sensation running down your spine.

Mike Mancer presents a podcast in the UK about horror movies. He said that the worst of horror movies is the one that gets into people’s heads. That feeling lingers long after the movie is over. Worst of all, nothing happens in certain scenes. But you will still be afraid. For example, a deserted hotel corridor or a small boy trying to ride a tricycle alone – these scenes definitely scare people.

Andy thinks that everything from lighting to music and special effects has a role to play in creating that special scene or scene in the movie. If everything looks right, imagine 900 people screaming together in the hall! That’s a great feeling for a creator.

But it is not an easy task to scare the audience by creating almost similar scenes in similar stories.

Psychologist Dr. If you startle very easily, or have a particular fear or phobia, there are things you can practice on your own to get rid of it, says Mansell. Again, if necessary, you can take the help of a therapist.

The first step is to prepare your mind. It means you know what particular situation embarrasses you. So instead of confronting him now, deal with him only after you have made up your mind. As many have a fear of heights, they should prepare their minds little by little.

And Dr. According to Kerr, exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and breathing exercises can be used if needed. In some cases, exercise is also beneficial, he thinks.-BBC

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