The easiest way to overcome your limitations is to touch the infinite

The easiest way to overcome your limitations is to touch the infinite. From time to time try to feel the existence of God. Wherever you are, calm down for 2 minutes. Feel the touch of God. God is everywhere. First imagine that he is with you going touching you in the form of air. Touch the chair you are sitting in with your hand. God is also in this chair. On the front table, paper, books, vases …. The walls of the house, the curtains, the doors …. Ceiling fan .. Glass … Everywhere … God is everywhere …. On the street buses, trams, cars, … dogs, people, beggars … houses, lightposts …. He is in everything. Imagine first. Try to relax later.

!! Habit-2 !!

Take this decision today: “From 8:00 am to 10:00 am today, these two hours I will simply accept everything, accept God’s will. I will calmly deal with different situations, different people, and all events. I don’t get excited about anything, I don’t get broken by sadness – no matter what the situation is. ”Look at everything with mental stability. Call the situation good or bad. Don’t tell anyone right or wrong. Just look. Accept everything as God wills. Practice it tomorrow from noon to two o’clock. Do the same the day after tomorrow from 6 to 7 p.m. Try practicing like this for a week. If a situation is difficult, if you are in trouble, remember that God is testing you (so that you can become stronger).

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