No matter how meaningless life is, make life meaningful

Oil makes life meaningful. Even before the advent of life on this earth, there were innumerable stars, nebulae, planets, satellites, black and hell in that space. One day, when life ceases to exist, most of these star nebulae will remain. How much does the earth exist in this vast universe? I – There was a flow of life here even before you were born into this world. And, the day we leave, this vibration of life will continue in this world even after our death. How small is my or your role in this arena of the world. How many people are dying every day? What comes to the world? In this huge background, human life is meaningless. Six of the countless incidents are just a bubble.

But no matter how insignificant life is … you can make it meaningful. A little life can change a precious new life. As the Buddha did. Acharya Shankar. Sri Chaitanya. Kalidas, Ashek, Shivaji Kabir, Rabindranath, Gandhiji. Which Einstein, Archimedes, Milton did. Michelangelo, Socrates, Shelley, Helen Keller. Lenin, Baba Amate, Nelson Mandela Netaji. Swami Vivekananda.


                !!  Habit-1 !!

Go to the roof of the house in the evening or at night. Or on the porch. Or in a park. Sit there. Now look at the sky. Look at those stars, planets, galaxies …. The sun is only a medium-sized star. Think about how big those twinkling stars are. ঐ The Milky Way galaxy is a tiny part of our solar system – the nebula has about 10,000 billion stars. And there are millions and millions of such nebulae in this universe. Try to feel once, what a huge space this is.

When you compare yourself with this cosmos, this universe, what do you think of yourself? What is more than a grain of sand? The age of this earth is about 350 crore years. Now look at those stars in the sky. How insignificant is your life span of 30 or 50 years in this huge period of time! Billions of years have passed since you were born. Stone Age. The Copper Age. Harappa … the pyramids of Egypt … Babylon … the Greek cities …. Buddha … Alexander .. Chanakya … Harshavardhana … Galileo …. Akbar … Shivaji … Clive … They came one day. Gone. The great time is flowing silently. Feel the enormity of this universe. Try to understand the beginning and endless speed of history. Think about this for 10 minutes. … now feel it in your heart (not worry). This vastness of the universe. This eternal flow of the great age.

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