Questions and answers regarding constipation, different states of meditation and the process of chakrabheda

Q. Is it possible to meditate without pruritus?

A. The relationship between good and evil in the body is deep. If the body is sick, the mind does not sit in meditation. So it is obligatory to keep an eye on the toilet in the morning and afternoon. If the toilet is clean, the body and mind are very good. At that time, if you sit in meditation, you will find deep satisfaction and peace. To make this body completely defecate, the Hatha Yogis do wonderful deeds. I am highlighting it from the book ‘Dhyana’ of the beggar: ‘Almost most of the efforts of the Hathayogis are spent on defecating the body. They inserted a thin piece of cloth through their mouths and cleaned out the feces inside – so that 39 of them could be found in many parts of the province.Till the slightest particle of feces remains. It has been heard that they clean their veins up to the abdomen through a special process. They claim that only through this effort can the Supreme Being be brought down in this body. He also does different seats. I am not asking the stubborn to follow this difficult method. But be aware of body cleansing. Body and mind will be good, again do not forget the transcendental with more emphasis on the body. Because you can’t take a step without the mercy of the past. When the ducts of the body are clean, the air flows through those ducts and the body of the devotee – awakens a wonderful vibration in the mind – the electric current of bliss begins to flow. It creates great joy.

Q. What initiation is necessary to meditate?

A. In the context of meditation, the main thing is devotion, effort and endeavor. Initiation and gravitation are very minor compared to that. Millions of people do not meditate even with initiation, and even without initiation some devotees ascend to the highest peak of meditation and samadhi. However, taking initiation increases the strength of mind.

Q. What is the initial state of meditation?

A. After wearing clean clothes, sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana by chanting Om Mantra with incense. Do eye print. Reddish darkness will float in front. Gradually white foam will rise from that darkness. Then a cycle will come. The deeper the meditation, the luminous form will be seen in the chakra. When other thoughts come, he will recite the mantra again and again.

Q. What is the second state of meditation?

A. Jyotirmurti will gradually devour the devotee.

Q. What is the third state of meditation?
A. Gradually the breathing will get longer and longer.

Q. What is the fourth state of meditation?

A. A heart-wrenching impression will come. You will feel very glorious. I will not remember the real world. Sitting in the divine land of consciousness, you will rise in a new obsession. The song of your arrival, the footsteps of Ishtadev, will come to your ears from afar. No one will understand what joy he is – except a sincere meditative devotee.

Q. What is the cycle process?

A. After sitting in the seat and meditating, it will feel as if the deep whale is gradually concentrating, as if I am penetrating one by one through that darkness and entering the deepest whale inside. It’s as if I’m drowning in my own being. Sometimes I am sinking to the bottom of the ocean – sometimes I am running from planet to planet in the sky. The cycle process means that I try to reach the center of the deepest province by going through one cycle after another. Darkness all around, just a little point of light in the middle of the circle.

Q. How to encourage meditation?

A. Go where someone is meditating – it will take encouragement.

Q. What kind of thinking is needed to deepen meditation?

A. Death is imminent, I want Bhagavatcharan – we need to think like that.

Q. Why do so many people meditate in the crematorium?

A. While in the crematorium, the mind moves away from many things in the world and becomes engrossed in the thought of death. In it, meditation easily reaches depth.That person then became anxious for profit.

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