Learn Chenopodium album description and place of birth and use in various diseases

|| Description and place of birth ||

Beto trees are shrubs and very small species. It grows up to three feet tall in well-drained soil. However, in general and without care, this tree does not grow more than one to two feet tall. The leaves have grooves on both sides. From the middle, the main vein, a large vein emerges on both sides, and at the end another small vein emerges. The flower stalk is quite long. There are flowers from each knot of the stalk. With the onset of winter, the trees begin to bloom. It bears fruit after one month. Inside the fruit are small poppy seeds with black seeds.

Betoshak grows well in the Himalayas, including Punjab, at an altitude of about four and a half thousand feet. This tree is found in almost all the districts of West Bengal. Beto tree grows spontaneously in Alukhet of Hooghly district.

|| Used in various diseases ||

Blood – Hemorrhoids: Take the young leaves and twigs of the tree and give it to him. , Goat’s milk 50 ml. Mixing both together and playing once a day will definitely stop the bleeding. If you play for seven to ten days, there will be no sudden bleeding.

In case of small worms: In the morning on an empty stomach, take four teaspoons of tree juice in a little hot water once and the worms will come out immediately. However, not all worms come out together. Day three needs to be eaten in the same manner.

If hiccups or hiccups: Hiccups occur repeatedly. Hiccups are not stopping even after drinking a few glasses of water. As a remedy, Betoshak money is used to make whey from two teaspoons of juice and cow’s milk curd (sour curd) and add 50 ml of it. Put it in a cup and mix the juice of betoshak. It will stop completely with hiccups within five to ten minutes of eating. However, smoking, drinking tea and drinking – Jorda eating should be stopped for two hours.

Diarrhea: Eight to ten grams of dried betoshak powder, mixed with three to four teaspoons of pomegranate juice, works very well in diarrhea. It should be eaten once a day in the morning and once more at night for at least fifteen days. If you have frequent bowel movements, you should eat three to four times a day for the first two days. After that, the disease will be cured by playing it twice.

Cough for arthritis: Many people say dry cough. Actually that’s not the right idea. This type of cough is caused by cough without arthritis. Every day while eating rice, boil betoshak in 100 grams of water, without adding any salt, take a sip of boiled water and rub the vegetable with rice, it will not cause cough and it will also benefit arthritis.

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