Diseases neglected in the disease are native plants, fruits, flowers, roots and bark

In ancient times, among the people of the fragrant community, the practice of materialism was passed down through the generations. It is well known that later in the Hindu kingdom, the fragrant people were the sellers of chemicals and medicines.
At present many poets do not know the trees. They may have a biblical knowledge of the qualities of plants, but they have very little knowledge of recognizing plants. The perfumers who once practiced this subject are now indifferent to it. As a result, the burden of trees has been entrusted to farmers, gardeners and Vedas. The names of countries, castes, many products have taken different forms in different places. Not everyone knows all the names. For these reasons, it is necessary to know the names, origins and qualities of domestic and foreign products.
Our country is full of natural resources. There are many medicinal plants spread all over the country. From time immemorial, those medicinal plants have been used to treat various human ailments. This invaluable resource of ours is now being appreciated not only in India, but in different countries of the world. The properties of plants that we do not know or do not know – the neglected plants and their properties are discussed in detail in this book. These herbs can be applied to any disease. It has no side effects. The trees and shrubs discussed in this book are found everywhere except in the urban areas. And the price of all this is within the reach of poor people.
There are many famous and expensive books in the market about the virtues of trees. In our book titled ‘Neglected Trees, Fruits, Flowers, Shakes and Bark’, people get acquainted with all the trees and benefit from using the leaves, bark, flowers, roots, sap, etc. of the trees at different times. The quality of tree rotation has been specially informed.
In this book, just as the qualities of the tree-turn, the usage-rules have been described, there are innumerable pictures with it. As a result, there should be no difficulty in recognizing trees. In addition, there is a simple description of how and how much to eat a tree and its leaves, roots, bark, glue, seeds, etc. in any disease. The book itself is complete. We think that the people of our country will get a lot of benefits by reading this book. Active and active cooperation of all is desirable

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