Is it ok to exercise during period? What the fitness experts say

Exercise and healthy lifestyle are most important to stay fit all the time. But with the onset of periods, most women are confused as to whether they should continue their workout routine, skip the gym class or slow down. But fitness experts say, “Every woman experiences their periods differently. In fact, every period is different for every person. So when it comes to a fitness routine or workout, it’s important that it varies with each period and each woman. During this time you may find it best to do a low intensity workout. Remember there are a few things to keep in mind when working out during your period.

Change up your workout
If you feel tired during your period, it is better to rest all day or do light yoga or some stretching. If you feel energetic and normal, you can follow the full workout session.

Stay mentally strong
Most women stop exercising or doing any physical activity when their period starts. It is important that if you feel energetic enough to walk, jog, etc., do so. Don’t skip your workout just because the day of your period has arrived.

Follow a routine
You can opt for light activities like walking, jogging, pranayama etc. to maintain your fitness routine and discipline during your period.

Do yoga
Periods are an important time for women to listen to their bodies and modify their workout routines to suit their body’s needs during that particular period. During periods, you don’t need to stick 100% to your workout routine, but you do need to take care of your body 100%.

Don’t stress your body
Physical activity is important during your period, but overdoing it can actually make you feel tired and harm your body on those important days. If you feel that you are not able to tailor your workout routine according to your body needs and fitness goals, a fitness coach can guide you with a workout routine and food diet suitable for your body for 30 days a month.The desert country is filling the chest of Saudi Arabia with greenAs a child, he filled a note in a bottle and floated it in the sea, returned after 37 years

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