Exercise is a special way to keep the body healthy

Exercise is the movement of the body in a rhythmic manner keeping the mind focused. Exercise is a special way to keep the body healthy. Physiologists say that exercise is a special medicine for those who do not have work because of the electric charge in the body. Abstinence from work causes insomnia in many cases. Decreased physical circulation causes fat to build up in different parts of the body and in the blood vessels, leading to increased risk of coronary heart disease (angina pectoris) and a number of related diseases. The body’s control centers reduce the blood supply to the brain, which weakens other organs and systems of the body and reduces a person’s mental strength.

Obesity due to aversion to exercise increases the risk of developing diabetes. Physical Scientists believe that unbalanced physical obesity is the cause of many diseases. Not only diabetes but also obesity is considered as one of the causes of hypertension, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attack, various types of rheumatic pains etc.In addition, when you exercise, you get very favorable results in at least four areas of the body. 1) Maintains normal fluidity of blood 2) Controls body weight Maintains elasticity of muscle and bone joints. 3) Rhythmic breathing has speed 4) Nerve vibration is balanced. Now comes the topic of what kind of exercise to do. Exercises on a few topics in context need to be selected. The age of the exercise practitioner, body composition,Exercise should be selected on the basis of mental level, occupation, eating habits, social status and environment.The second issue is where the body exercises will be done indoors or outdoors. If it is outside the house, i.e. on the field or on the street, then it is necessary to decide what kind of exercise is suitable. However, considering everything and practicing for a long time, according to many bodybuilding lovers, “roving” is one of the easiest ways to exercise. Rowing is walking, jogging, running if possible. “It is generally seen that people start walking for the purpose of exercise from the age of 25-30 years. It is good to take a look at some things while walking. We have to start walking. We will walk, but what will success depend on? For a slow or fast walk, or for how long we have walked? First of all, distance is the main thing.

Initially we have to look at how far I walked. Gradually increase the time, speed and distance. 30 minutes of walking every day is enough to stay healthy. Walking equipment, clothing, shoes, etc. should be correct. Jogging or running can be done by walking well. It is possible to do spot jogging or running at home even if you do not have the opportunity to jog outside. In order to practice in the house, one has to determine the physical condition of the person i.e. whether the body is heavy or light, whether there is any disease etc. However, only five seats are enough. Seats should be front bending, back bending, side bending, twisting and balancing. However, good results can be obtained by supplementing each seat. For example, it is better to do Matsyasana after Sarbangasana. Finally you have to finish the practice by practicing back bending seats. The five asana rules mentioned in any yoga book – by law Can be selected for practice. One of the goals of bodybuilding is to slow down the body by preventing it from accelerating. Keeping the body healthy by Rajyoga is very easy and possible with minimal effort. The body is built by food A statistic says that a person eats about 30 tons of food in his whole life. Many people eat food inedible. Food policy should focus on how much food; How and when to eat. The practice of Rajyoga gives rise to great control over food intake. Suppose a person is examined by a doctor or a nutritionist and advised not to eat spicy food, mutton, eggs, sweets, extra grills. In this case, the person is in big trouble just like most people are in today. Because his tongue, his eyes, his mind are asking for what the counselor is saying to reject. Lightning strikes on so many meals. Commonly seen accustomed to long-term habits Abandoning what has happened seems like a terrible punishment, in which case there is no alternative but to play the role of “sinner of knowledge”. Rajyoga works like magic in this case. With the help of Rajyoga meditation, it is possible to change the old nature very quickly. Besides, there is no risk in Rajyog. The power to be addicted to food has nothing to do with politics. The practical benefits of Rajyoga can be understood by looking at the benefits that Rajyoga meditation can give to the body. The goal of Rajyoga meditation is “Paramapita Paramatma”. During meditation, the storehouse of attainment is filled only by remembering the Paramatman in various forms. Remembering “energy” eliminates muscle and bone problems, remembering “knowledge” increases brain function and strengthens the nervous system, remembering “sacred” increases the body’s resistance to disease, remembering “punishment” eliminates thyroid, parathyroid, lung problems. Heart Problems in “Love” Removes Heart Problems Remembering strengthens the digestive system of the body and eliminates stomach problems. Meditation can cure diseases as well as cure diseases, so a Rajyogi can live a long life with a healthy body and a healthy mind. Last but not least, the advice of a real trainer is a must for any bodybuilder. If not, it may be the opposite. A trained person observes the student and arranges for his appropriate training. For Rajyog Meditation, a minimum of seven days of primary course has to be taken at any Rajyog education center. Needless to say, Rajyoga education is completely free.

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