As a child, he filled a note in a bottle and floated it in the sea, returned after 37 years

Troy Heller, a resident of Washington, filled a note with his name, address, and phone number in a glass bottle and floated it into the ocean. After 37 years, that note came back to him.

When Troy was 10, he went on a vacation with his parents to the beach in Vero, Florida. If something is floated in the sea, he wrote his identity and mobile number on a piece of paper and filled it with a cold drink bottle and floated it in the sea.

With time, he forgot about this childhood factory. Three decades later, Troy is overwhelmed to find the note intact.
Nicole Torre, a Washington resident, recently took a vacation to Vero Beach with her wife and two daughters. Nicole and his wife, Katie, both teach at a local school. Sunday was a holiday and went for a walk with the girls.

While running around with the girls, a bottle suddenly hit Nicole’s feet. The note in the bottle arouses curiosity. Break the bottle with a stone lying on the side and open the note. The note read, “Whoever receives this note, please call me on the number given here.”

Nicole did not hesitate to read the text. Called immediately. Troy didn’t pick up the call from an unknown number. After a while he got a mail. There he saw that someone had found the picture of the note that was washed up in the sea 37 years ago.

Unable to control himself, he called Nicole and asked to meet. Troy believed that even if the sea takes, it gives back. He did not change his phone number and mail id in that hope.

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