The desert country is filling the chest of Saudi Arabia with green

Nature is very mysterious. He can submerge vast plains in a moment, just as rain can fill the gray desert with green life. Recently, pictures and videos of such incredible events in Saudi Arabia have gone viral on social media. It was seen there, the hills of Makkah-Madinah are filled with green after several weeks of continuous rain.

Although the plants started growing naturally in these areas, the Saudi government took the initiative to fill the desert country with greenery earlier. They have started several mega projects in this regard. One of them is the Green Riyadh project.

According to Saudi media outlet Arab News, the project will be inaugurated in late 2022. The project has been designed based on global environmental standards and taking the local environment into consideration. Under this, more than 120 residential areas in the Saudi capital will be greened by planting trees.

The Green Riyadh project includes the construction of parks in residential areas, planting trees along roads and sidewalks, planting trees around mosques and schools, planting trees in parking lots, constructing large parks and planting trees in valley areas.

In this project, a plan to plant at least 75 lakh trees across Riyadh has been undertaken. Through this, the amount of green area will be increased to 9.1 percent and the per capita green area will be increased from 1.7 square meters to 28 square meters.

The Saudi government will spend 1 billion US dollars in the next 10 years on the Green Riyadh project. Through this, 3 thousand 300 new parks and gardens will be created. This is expected to improve air quality and reduce temperatures in the region.

However, the biggest greening project in Saudi Arabia is the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI). Under this, there is a plan to plant one thousand crore trees across the country.

In 2021, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched this project. Since then, more than 18 million trees have been planted across Saudi Arabia under the project. Of this, 1.3 million trees have been planted in mangrove areas. Besides, 60 thousand hectares of forest area has been restored in one year.

According to SGI’s plan, at least 650 million trees will be planted in Saudi Arabia by 2030. At least 8 million hectares of forest area will be saved. This is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 20 million tonnes per year.

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