How can we find happiness in work and what can we do to be happy in life?

When space becomes a routine, the same thing has to be done — at work at home – it becomes boring to you. You don’t enjoy that. When you work for money and fame, the desire for results brings some intensity to your mind. But when you work for a great cause, you become inspired. That’s what you can do when you change your attitude towards work. If you focus on ‘generation of wealth’ instead of making money at work, your mental strength improves, your efficiency increases those who have gained a lot in life: name, fame, money – they too Why does the end decay? Because money and power are their main goals. You go deeper into the work. See how you are serving people, helping society through work. Focus on ‘service’. Efficiency will grow on its own, respect will come on its own. It is not the work, but the motive behind the action that makes people happy or sad.


How much do you enjoy about what is being created (product or service) in your work? Not even 1%. Because this is all about customers. How much of what you are earning is just for yourself? 10 12%. Try to calculate. How many clothes do you buy for yourself each year? How many hours do you watch TV at home? How much electricity do you use yourself? How much to eat? Calculate them in terms of money. Most of what you save – PF, FDR, NSC, etc. – may be spent on higher education and marriage for boys and girls. Even when building a house, they are thinking about the future needs of the children. That way, you work for others. Earnings – Basically for others. Although you are not always aware of this. Now, calculate how many people are benefiting from the work you do in the workplace. Decide: “When I work in the office today from 10 am to 12 noon, I will be aware that I am working for others – for people, for society. Do this every day for 7 days from tomorrow. Just change the time every day.

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