Benefits of LunaSak Multiplication and Healing Benefits

Lunasak is an annual and very small and succulent shrub. The stems are eight to ten inches large and red in appearance. Small saplings and reddish juicy stalks emerge from the tree. The leaves grow parallel to the opposite side of the stem. The leaves are one and a half inches to one and a half inches long. The head of the leaf is round. However, the side of the stem gradually becomes narrower. The size of the flower is small. Almost stemless. Suddenly it seems that the flowers are attached to the leaves. The flower has four to five petals. The color is yellow, almost equal to the exterior. Soft and falls off the tree very quickly. The flowers bloom very well Curvature of the ovary. The agar side pointed. At the end there are many black seeds. The tree blooms in the rainy season. Fruits begin to ripen in mid-December. There are two types of luneshak – small luneshak and big luneshak. Large lunasak is found in almost all the districts of West Bengal. The little Luneshak is called Lona or Loni in Sanskrit. And the big luneshak is called ghotika or brhalloni.

The quality of small lunasak-            This vegetable – rough, guru, flammable, acidic, salty taste and it destroys hemorrhoids, wind, mucus, indigestion and poisoning.

Rough – that is, airy and phlegm – har.

The quality of large salt vegetables-    In other words, this vegetable is acidic, saccharin, warming, rheumatic and beneficial in edema and eye diseases. Eating this vegetable gives relief from phlegm, bile, skin diseases, acne, herbs, respiratory diseases, cough and diarrhea.

Used in various diseases

If the liver is weak: Take money from young stalks and leaves and mix one to two teaspoons of its juice with a cup of cold water and eat it twice a day. As a rule, playing for three weeks strengthens the weak liver. Money juice of leaves and stems for heart ailments and equal amount of honey Playing with it is beneficial in heart disease. Diarrhea once a day in the morning: Dry seed powder of this plant is taken with 3 gms of burnt goat’s milk (in cold condition) twice a day in the morning and in the evening to cure the disease. However, for complete healing, you need to eat regularly for ten to twelve days. If there is bleeding with cough: If there is bleeding with cough or with accumulated cough in the chest, two teaspoons of the juice of this leaf is taken every four hours to stop the bleeding. However, it should be eaten for three or four more days. In nutritional deficiencies: The stems and leaves of the whole plant are boiled twice a day with juice or with vegetables. In gonorrhea: Mix the stems of large lunia tree, two teaspoons of leaf juice and 3 grams of dried seed powder with it and play with one cup of cow’s milk, it will be beneficial in a few days. This is because the seeds of the tree are soothing on the one hand, as well as simplifying the urination. As a result, the patient does not have any difficulty or pain to urinate. Moreover, the whole plant is beneficial in urinary tract diseases. Therefore, it is considered as an excellent medicine for gonorrhea. Playing regularly is a complete cure for this disease. In the disease of worms: In case of small and big worms in the stomach of people of any age i.e. from teenagers to adults, it is definitely beneficial to take 2 grams to 4 grams of seed powder in the morning on an empty stomach with cold water.

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