You will be surprised to know how Bluetooth came to be called Bluetooth

In this modern age, it is difficult to find such a person who is not familiar with the term Bluetooth. In this modern age, whatever electronic device you throw at it, it doesn’t seem smart if it doesn’t have wireless control or communication with it. And one of the means of this wireless control or communication facility is Bluetooth technology. Like mobile phones, laptops, desktops, home theaters, smart watches, headphones, there are many other devices, in which having Bluetooth option is now mandatory.

Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology through which data can be transferred between two or more devices within 10 to 500 meters without any wires. In 1990, Jaap Hertsen, a famous collector engineer in the Netherlands, invented Bluetooth. That’s why he can be called the father of Bluetooth. But no match was found for the name of this technology with the name of the father. But why is this Bluetooth called Bluetooth? So there is a secret behind the blue teeth!

You may be surprised to know that Bluetooth technology was named after a 10th century Danish Viking king ‘Harald Bluetooth’. There are two proverbs about this king. One of these is that one of the teeth in the king’s mouth was missing. The damaged tooth was blue in color. That’s why this king was better known as ‘Harold Bluetooth’.

Also there is another story behind this name of the king. That is, King Harald’s favorite fruit was the blueberry. He always loved to eat these blueberries. As a result, the color of the king’s teeth became blue. And that’s why the King was called Bluetooth.

One day in 1996, Jim Kardak, an engineer at Intel, and Seven Mattison, an engineer at Ericsson, went to a bar for a drink after losing a competition. While drinking alcohol, they started talking about history. Mattison had read a book called The Longship a few days earlier. In that book there was a story about King Harald Bluetooth. Mattison tells Jim this in the middle of the story. Later, Jim, a history buff, returns home and reads a book called The Vikings. There he can learn more about King Bluetooth. Which later came to mind when naming this wireless technology.

In one text, Jim says, Harald united the various tribes of Denmark and spread Christianity among them. I thought for this reason, this new wireless technology could be named Bluetooth. Because this technology will integrate many separate devices. Apart from the name, the Bluetooth technology logo also has a special feature.

Jim then created a Power Point presentation to present his naming to everyone. During this time he also created a fake rock figure of Harald Bluetooth with a mobile phone in one hand and a laptop in the other. However, IBM’s proposed name PAN (Personal Area Networking) was chosen. But later it was canceled due to some problems during search engine optimization (SEO). As a result, this technology was officially named Bluetooth, which later became very popular.

Apart from the name, the Bluetooth technology logo also has a special feature. Apart from the name, the Bluetooth technology logo also has a special feature. As you may have seen the Bluetooth logo for a long time, you might have thought that a B was created by specially arranging a few straight lines. But that’s not the point, notice in the image above that this B in the logo is actually made by combining the Nordic language H and B, which is actually the initials of Harald Bluetooth’s name. Combining these two letters formed a letter B and became our now widely used Bluetooth logo. Even though he died a thousand years ago, the Viking king is still in everyone’s pocket.

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