Eating bean seeds can cause death!

Now is the winter season. This season is full of various vegetables. Which is very beneficial for our health. Everyone thinks that all kinds of fruits and vegetables are healthy.

This idea is completely wrong. There are certain fruits and vegetables that have certain parts that are full of toxic substances. Which can cause serious health risks and even death. And these poisonous foods are in our kitchen. Let’s know about some foods to be careful-

bean seeds
Bean seeds can make you seriously ill. Because it contains a poison called phytohematoglutanin. So beans should be boiled for at least 10 minutes before cooking.

Castor oil
Vennar or castor oil is used in a variety of candies, chocolates or other foods. But did you know that Fenugreek seeds contain a poisonous substance called ricin which is very deadly. Eating a single seed of venna can kill an adult. And eating four fennel seeds can kill a horse.

Apple seeds contain a poison called hydrogen cyanide. We don’t usually eat apple seeds. But apple seeds can be dangerous if they enter the stomach for some reason.

Potatoes are safe to eat. But potato leaves and stems contain glycoalkaloids. If potatoes are left in the house for a long time, cannabis will sprout in them. These buds or shoots contain glycoalkaloids that increase when exposed to light. For this, potatoes should always be kept in a cool and dark place. Eating greenish and mushy potatoes can cause diarrhea and headaches.

raw honey
Raw honey contains cyanoxin. So eating a tablespoon of raw honey causes various symptoms like dizziness, weakness, excessive sweating, nausea.

Like potatoes, tomato leaves and stems contain glycoalkaloids that cause digestive problems. Raw green tomatoes also contain these same ingredients. But there is no fear of any problem if consumed in small amounts.

cashew nut
There are two types of cashew nuts – sweet cashew nuts and bitter cashew nuts. Bitter cashew nuts are comparatively rich in hydrogen cyanide. Eating seven to ten bitter cashew nuts raw can cause problems for adults and can be fatal for children! Countries like New Zealand, America have banned the sale of these bitter raw cashew nuts.

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