YouTuber helps people with cataract surgery

Nowadays, the dominance of social media has increased. Many are getting stardom overnight. Moreover, many people are earning a lot of money from these media. Many people are spending some part of this money on various social support activities. The popular American YouTuber Mr. Beast caught everyone’s attention by doing such a thing. He has helped thousands of people in the world with cataract surgery.

According to a report by the American media CNN, recently the surprise of this content creator is that he has helped 1000 people. Many of whom could not see at all, some were on the verge of blindness. These people could not even afford surgery.

Mr. Beast said in this regard, we are trying to heal 1000 people. This YouTuber’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson. A related video of him posted on Saturday got more than three crore views till Sunday.

He showed patients before and after surgery. During this time, he also gave cash and various gifts to many people.

Jeff Levenson, an ophthalmologist and surgeon in Jacksonville, Florida, worked with Donaldson for the first round of operations. Levenson has coordinated the ‘Gift of Sight’ program for over 20 years.

Referring to cataract surgery in the video, Levenson said that half of all blindness in the world is caused by people who require 10-minute surgery.

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