Know the ways to recognize the pure jaggery

Many people like to eat jaggery to stay healthy. However, many people cannot buy good jaggery due to the crowd of adulterated jaggery in the market.

Let’s know some tips to know real molasses-

## Break some jaggery while buying and try it. If it tastes salty, you will know that the molasses is adulterated.

## Press the edge of the molasses with two fingers. If it feels soft, then you will understand that it is of good quality and if the edge is too hard, it is better not to buy.

## Jaggery is usually dark brown in color. If the jaggery is yellowish, it is better not to buy it. Because, yellow colored jaggery contains extra chemicals.

## Jaggery with artificial sugar is shiny.

Jaggery is not only for sweet taste in food, but it has various properties.

Benefits of Jaggery

## Jaggery contains iron, vitamin C, protein, potassium, magnesium. The body needs enough of these elements to stay healthy for a long time. And jaggery fulfills that need.

## Jaggery is more healthy than sugar. Mixing jaggery in tea improves digestion throughout the day. Jaggery is very beneficial in increasing the amount of hemoglobin in the blood of those suffering from anemia.

## Jaggery keeps cold allergies away. Jaggery also helps in weight loss. Increases immunity.

## However, if you have diabetes, you should use sugar-free capsules, steva instead of jaggery.

## Jaggery is rich in antioxidants. Jaggery also helps in keeping the skin fresh.

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