Know Before Using Room Heaters

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Winter is growing. The trend of using room heaters has also increased. Many are preparing to bring this technology home. Find out what can happen as a result of using room heaters.

>> The heater consists of various types of metal and ceramic elements. Heat is generated by heating these elements. As a result, the air humidity in the adjacent area decreases. Moreover, in many cases the heater burns the oxygen in the air. As a result, there is less moisture and oxygen in the air in the area adjacent to the heater.

>> Winter is already dry. If the heater runs too much, the skin becomes dry. Lack of oxygen can cause shortness of breath, dizziness, and nausea. So, when running the heater, care should be taken to ensure that there is room for air movement.

>>Halogen heaters emit various chemicals that can cause problems like asthma and allergies. This risk is especially high in patients with respiratory problems. Even if you have bronchitis or sinus problems, it is better to stay away from room heaters.

>> It is also not uncommon for air from heaters to cause lung problems and inflammation of the airways. People with respiratory problems can use special oil heaters instead of ordinary heaters.

>> According to Anandabazar data, using gas heaters is the most dangerous. These types of heaters emit carbon monoxide. This gas is very harmful especially for children and elderly people. Especially those who go to sleep with bed sheets, should be extra vigilant. Many times the room temperature is much higher than outside if the heater is running continuously. The body can be damaged if it suddenly enters the hot temperature from the cold outside.

Note that the popularity of room heaters has peaked in the developed world, especially in cold countries. Many are now using room heaters to combat the bone-chilling winters.

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