Shocking study of three Bengalis Homeopathic treatment protocol prevents sugar in pre-diabetics

About 15 percent of adults in Bengal suffer from diabetes. And the number of those who are called pre-diabetic in medical terms, what is the number? Statistics show that this number is higher than those with diabetes – which is 23 percent of the adult population. That is about one and a half million people.

There is a buzz surrounding a groundbreaking study on the treatment of these pre-diabetics. The use of mother tincture along with homeopathic medicines is very effective in controlling diabetes in pre-diabetics. Even compared to conventional homeopathic treatment. This is what three Bengali doctors and researchers have claimed.
This research paper has been published in the PubMed registered research journal ‘Journal of Integrated and Complementary Medicine’. Two of the three are homeopaths and one is a researcher. They are Dr. Shubmoy Ghosh, Assistant Professor Dr. Shuvranil Saha and Senior Research Fellow Dr. Bhargava Chattopadhyay of D.N. Homeopathic Medical College.

They said that homeopathic treatment varies from person to person. The same goes for pre-diabetics. Natrum mur, sulphur, lycopodium, pulsatilla, calcarea herb, if some mother tinctures like Ceflanda indica (Telakucha plant extract), Gymnema sylvestrar (Gulmar plant extract), Syzygium jambolenum (Jam plant extract) can be used along with these medicines, it is immeasurably better. Results are available.

Who is pre-diabetic? According to the World Health Organization, fasting 111-126, PP 140-200 and Glycated Hemoglobin or HbA of 5.6-6.5, are identified as pre-diabetic. 2 thousand 253 people were selected and their multiple questions and scores were analyzed. After their blood test, 89 people were finally selected for the study. The study was divided into two groups. 45 people are kept in one. 44 people in the other. One group of patients is given only homeopathic medicines as per symptoms, symptoms. Another group of patients was given three types of mother tincture along with homeopathic medicine.

Professor of Microbiology and Pathology of DN Dey Homeopathic Medical College, Shubmoybabu said, “We have seen that the sugar level of pre-diabetics is much more under control when treated with mother tincture as compared to homeopathic medicine alone. Overall physical health is also much higher in this group of patients.

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