Dates help increase sperm count, learn more

Eating dates is very beneficial for health. Dates provide relief from many diseases. Dates are no less than a medicine for men. Men eat dates every day, on the one hand, as physical strength increases, weakness is also removed.

Because dates contain nutrients like calories, fiber, protein, potassium and copper. Dates also help in increasing sperm count. Let’s know the details.

Increase brain power
Dates affect brain health. It contains vitamin B and choline, which improves memory and learning ability. So men can definitely include dates in their diet.

Increase in sperm count
Dates help increase sperm count and sperm quality in men. Because dates contain estradiol and flavonoids. Because of this it helps in increasing the sperm count. So men should eat dates.

Blood sugar control
Dates have a very low glycemic index. Hence it helps in controlling blood sugar levels. That is why men suffering from diabetes should eat dates.

Eat dates like this
1. Can eat with milk at night. Can be boiled in milk and eaten.
2. Dates can be soaked in water overnight and eaten on an empty stomach in the morning.

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