The headless chicken has been alive for 18 months

10th September 1945. A farming couple lived in Fruita, Colorado, USA. Their names are Lloyd Olsen and Clara Olsen respectively.

Clara was very happy that day, September 10, because her mother was coming to visit her home today. And so he was concentrating on making his mother’s favorite food. Clara’s mother, Lloyd’s mother-in-law, loved eating chicken necks. So Clara sent her husband to slaughter a chicken and fetch it. Lloyd was not aware of this choice of his mother-in-law. So he carefully selected a five-and-a-half-month-old chick. The baby rooster was named Mike.

Lloyd put Mike in place and pointed the ax at Mike. She wanted to cut off only the head so that the mother-in-law could eat the whole throat. Lloyd swung the ax at the chicken but did not get it right, missing the entire head. He failed to cut through almost all of Mike’s brain.

The matter could have ended here, but it did not! Instead, the incident started from here. Mike was left rolling on the ground like the other 8/10 chickens after the terrible blow, but soon got back up. Not only that. Lloyd’s eyes raised to the forehead, he began to try to eat food from the ground! Seeing this condition of the rooster, his owner finally showed mercy. He let go of Mike.

Lloyd came to see Mike. He thought Mike was probably dead by now. But a glance at the chicken coop surprised him. Mike is fast asleep with his severed head under the fan! Lloyd’s heart melted to see the animal’s eagerness to live. He rushes to save Mike. Lloyd’s first thought was to get Mike fed. Lloyd chose an eye dropper to feed on. With this he fed Mike a mixture of water and milk. In addition, sometimes Mike was fed small grains of barley.

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