Smartwatch saved pregnant woman’s life

Multiple features are being added to the smartwatch to take care of health. With heart monitoring, ECG, oximeter, the smartwatch informs women’s menstrual period, mental health, and even sleep status.

Especially the Apple Watch from this point of view. Many times, Apple Watch has saved the lives of users with various warnings. This time, Apple Watch’s health feature helped save both lives. The Apple Watch made headlines after saving the lives of American resident Jess Kelly and her unborn child.

Kelly was 37 weeks pregnant. In that condition, he used Apple Watch to monitor the amount of exercise he did. One day he suddenly got a notification on his smartwatch that his heart rate had increased by one. About 120 beats per minute. But at that time he was not doing any work. Go to the hospital as soon as you understand the problem.

After going to the hospital, the doctors said that she was a victim of placental abruption. That is, the placenta has separated from the inner wall of the uterus. This happens just before giving birth. The doctors understood the situation and made a quick decision. Both mother and child survived.

ECG can be done through Apple Watch. Through that technology, the smartwatch keeps updating the user’s heart rate. Apple Watch has helped save many people’s lives before. A few days ago, the watch had given a timely warning about the low oxygen level in the blood of a sixteen-year-old teenager. Treatment begins quickly.

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