Planets 70% larger than Earth, NASA finds, contain large amounts of water

The world of science is no less than a mystery. And every day scientists (scientist) keep discovering new things (new innovation) and those discoveries become the topic of discussion. These discoveries of scientists really surprise people. Besides, scientists usually research different things. Such as animals, plants, medicine, space, planets, stars, past and present etc.

If the subject of planets and stars is discussed, mention that apart from Earth, various expeditions are being carried out to learn about other planets. And since the condition of the earth is not good, scientists are trying to find a planet like the earth (smiler planet like an earth). And the good news is that researchers have found a planet like Earth (new innovation). This planet is located 100 light years away from Earth. But it is assumed that this planet is covered by water.

According to a report by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the name of this planet is called TOI-1452 b (similar planet like Earth). This planet is 70% larger than Earth and is located in the Goldilocks zone. The temperature of this zone is neither hot nor cold. And for this reason there is a possibility of having liquid water on the surface of the planet. A team of researchers announced the discovery of a ‘super-Earth’. And the US space agency NASA has said that further research could shed light on the interesting possibility that the planet could be a ‘water world’. But this planet is very far from Earth. According to the data, this planet is about five times heavier than our Earth and its density indicates that the planet has a very deep ocean.


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